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Package & Pricing FAQs

Is there a customized budget to work with you?
We help startups, medium and enterprise businesses. Our Social Media Packages start at 4,500 QAR per month. We also offer multi-channel campaigns and more comprehensive solutions for our Enterprise level clients. We also have various options to customize any of our packages.
How long are your contract?

Contracts can vary, whether it’s a big or a small project. We offer one-time-only services as well as ongoing packages. We usually advise a 6-month contract to launch and develop any new campaign. However, mix and match are what we do! for smaller customized packages and rented ads, we will create unique billing and contract terms.

Do I really need any specific tools?

1 + 1 does not equal the number two in projects, as each project is unique! Most campaigns need essential social media tracking tools, such as Google Analytics and Search Console. However, what we suggest for additional tools varies per package type, company budget, and goals. We will review existing tools and advise anything we think is necessary to enhance the campaign, such as Call Tracking Metrics, Heatmaps, A/B Testing Tools, Website Chat, etc.

Do I really need a website?

Maybe you do not need to create one or urgently need one. It all depends on your services and what you offer, and this is the part where you leave it all to us for consultation.

Our website designers gurus got you covered; if you are just starting and need a basic site, we suggest our starter package. We have you covered if you want to build a directory, e-commerce site, or other custom features. Our design team is equipped to develop both small and more advanced websites.

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Leave your worries behind and embark on a journey with us. At VIBES Media, we approach marketing with a blend of strategy, communication, transparency, and data. Our meticulous and scientific pursuit of unlocking the perfect brand recipe is aimed at maximizing your revenue potential.

Ready to unlock your marketing potential? Let’s start a conversation today. Whether you need more information or simply want to get in touch, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Relax, trust in our expertise, and let’s infuse some vibrant energy into your digital presence.


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